Sunday, September 8, 2013

Scheduling Guidance Lessons

Scheduling of guidance lessons for me has evolved from the typical paper and pen circulated sign up calendar.  Several years ago I transitioned to a technology approach to scheduling guidance lessons with the teachers.

Last year I used Sign Up Schedule.  While this was of course free, it didn't have the capability (or not that I noticed) to send an email to me notifying me of the dates/times that the teachers signed up for lessons.

This year I am using Sign Up Genius and I LOVE it!  This online scheduling system not only has several cute templates to choose from, it also sends an email to me when teachers sign up for lessons!

I'm still hoping to figure out a system that syncs the sign up times and places them onto my calendar.  I think I would have to convert to a Google calendar system which wouldn't really work since my work calendar is GroupWise.

Alas, this is still so much "cooler" than the traditional paper and pen aspect!

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