Decorating Diva!

Decorating TWO Rooms!

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What in the WORLD have I gotten myself into?  Yes, I am tackling the task of organizing not one, but TWO rooms this year for counseling!  

Oh, you might be thinking that the lovely Texas heat has robbed my brain of its full ability to function!  Nope!  I actually wanted two rooms! You see, I am quite fortunate at my school.  I have a beautiful office that I have had for the past seven years.  For this coming school year I have the opportunity to have a classroom as well.

For awhile I pondered the thought of moving my entire office into the classroom, but quickly realized if ever we should need the room for a teacher again, I will gladly give up this space...but...will have lost my beautiful former office space to move back into.

So, I have decided to juggle both rooms.

What in the world will she do with both rooms you ask?

Office Space: Individual counseling, meetings with teachers/parents/administrators, 504 meetings, and planning

Counselor's Corner (Classroom): Guidance lessons, Small Group Sessions, Coffee Chats with the Counselor, Meetings with Teachers, and Training Opportunities

I have a tall bookshelf in the corner of the room that I will use as my "College and Career Readiness Corner" to display items pertaining to CCR.

Now that most of the decorating is complete, I can now concentrate on organizing my materials for my Lending Library, planning my lessons, and distributing pertinent information to the teachers!  

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