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I'm thrilled to start a new program at my school called "M&M" (Mentor & Me)!  I am excited to pair students with an adult on our campus to help foster positive relationships.  The mentors are meeting with me this week in order to discuss the intended outcomes of this program, as well as, the multitude of opportunities with their mentee throughout the school year.  In the initial stage of this program, I have asked each team to select five students to be paired with a mentor.  Once the list of "mentored" students has been established, I will send a permission slip home with the students before the students are paired with a mentor.

Another component of this mentoring program will be to establish positive peer connections through my "mini me" program! (okay, kidding with the name)  I have begun a peer leadership team with a group of fourth graders called P.A.L.s. (Peers as Leaders)  A wonderful colleague of mine shared this idea at one of our counseling meetings and I absolutely loved it!  Our school already has an established group of fifth graders in Student Council.  I wanted to give the fourth graders an opportunity to embrace leadership, mentoring, and helping positions throughout our campus.

I have already received several applications from interested students.  One of my favorite parts of the P.A.L.s application was the narrative aspect where the students had to indicate the reasoning why they would make an excellent P.A.L.!

I can not wait to begin this journey with the students and staff on my campus in order to foster healthy relationships that impact so many!

Staff mentor treats ~ a little chocolate is always a nice incentive!
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