Monday, August 5, 2013

Referrals to the Counselor

Referrals to the Counselor

This year I have devised a plan to become more streamlined with how parents, staff, and students make referrals to the counselor.  

All students on my campus are taught about self-referrals to the counselor.  During my first guidance lessons with the grade levels, I talk with the students and teachers about what constitutes a referral to the counselor.

Students in grades 2nd - 5th may complete a "Counselor Pass" and either leave it in my mailbox or slide it under my door for privacy purposes.  The Kindergartners and First Graders talk with their teacher about their request to see me.  

This year I am THRILLED to use Google Docs to help with the referral process!  I have created a form online within Google Docs for this process. 

Google Docs are AWESOME!  

If you are unfamiliar with how this works, here are some quick tips to creating a form:
1. Create a Google Account
2. Click Create: Click Form
3. You can change the "theme" at the top in the toolbar 
4. Title your page and start posting your "questions"
5. I use "checkboxes" and "paragraph text" as the format for their answers
6. Select "choose response destination" and click "new spreadsheet" - all answers will be placed into a spreadsheet for you!  :)

How to Receive a Notification

If you would like to receive a notification whenever the form is submitted:
1. Go back to your drive and "hover" over the green box beside the title of your form.  Make sure you click on the one that is the spreadsheet
2. Go to your spreadsheet and select "Tools" from the toolbar at the top
3. Click on "Notification Rules" and choose when you would like to receive the email
   *I chose immediately :)

Just a reminder, the notification will be sent to your Gmail account associated with your Google Doc!  

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