Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let Me Introduce Myself...

~Graduated May 1995 from Stephen F. Austin State University with a B.S.I.S. and an Early Childhood Minor

~Graduated May 11, 2007 from Sam Houston State University with a Master's Degree as a Professional School Counselor

~Completed over 3,000 hours of counseling in order to obtain my certificate as a Licensed Professional Counselor

I began my student teaching at an elementary school in kindergarten and then in a first grade classroom.  During these special months interacting and learning from these students and teachers, I knew I had found my "home" working with children.  

My teaching experience includes nine years as a first grade teacher and two as a third grade teacher.  I always enjoyed our tremendous journeys of learning together.  The children learned from each other throughout our many problem-solving interactions with partner, small group, and whole group activities.

A New Chapter Began...

This year I will begin my ninth year as an elementary school counselor in Texas.  I absolutely LOVE being a school counselor!

All of us are on a journey of learning together.  This partnership will help us grow to become lifelong learners.  I know the children understand what they have learned once they can articulate and then "show" what it means through their own words and actions.

"Intelligence plus character ~ that is the goal of true education."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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