Friday, February 21, 2014

Sensational Small Groups!

How I love thee Google Docs, let me count the ways!  ;-)

In the past I have given each grade level a sheet for small group counseling nominations.  Naturally, I have decided to simplify this process by creating a Google Doc for teachers/staff to submit names of students they would like to possibly be in one of my counseling groups.  Google Docs will transfer the responses and places them into a spreadsheet!  

I gave the teachers a week to submit names via the Google Doc.  Once all names are submitted I review the nominations and assign groups.  I will "Juggle" all nominations by having the students participate in either group counseling or individual sessions with me.

Of course, I may have opened Pandora's Box...   


These nominations help to give additional information regarding specific students who may not have needed an official referral to the counselor before.  (i.e. academic/skills group and grief)

Huge Shout Out to some fabulous followers on my FB page for providing these creative names for the groups!

Here is the link to a copy of the Google Doc for the teacher nominations: